The Ancestors of Marvin R Finlinson and Elva Anderson

This is an on-going project about the ancestors of Marvin R Finlinson and Elva Anderson Finlinson. I will add new information from time to time. When you find errors or have additional information please email corrections or info to the address provided in the contact link.

Since boundaries and jurisdictions change over time, the place names shown on these pages are what they are now. For example, Rexburg, Idaho, when incorporated in 1883, was in Oneida county. In 1885 it became part of Bingham county until 1893 when it was in Fremont county. Then in 1913 Rexburg became, and still is, part of Madison county. Another example is Suffield, Connecticut. When Suffield was incorporated in 1682, it was part of Hampshire county Massachusetts. In 1749 the state boundary changed and Suffield was now in Hartford county Connecticut.

So instead of trying to figure out what county, colony, state or even country that a place belonged to for a particular time period, and having several different versions of the same place, I decided to just go with where the place is today.

Another thing to note about places. I tended to go with governmental jurisdictions over church parishes, such as districts or metropolitan boroughs, especially in the United Kingdom. Also, some records do not distinguish between a parish name and a town or location with the same name. So the place names given in these pages could be either.

Please do not cite this website as a source of information. These pages could be removed at any time. Instead, use the sources shown on the persons individual pages.

Enjoy these pages and hopefully you can find some useful information.


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